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The most efficient and secure way to pay service providers, business partners and customers.

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MyChoice Prepaid Card Solution enables businesses to streamline commission, business, incentives, travel payments and control expenditures with enhanced convenience, Flexibility, and security. Make payments easily globally in US $, £ or Euros without the need for cardholder bank accounts or credit checks. Its quick, fast, no hassle and it works!


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Limit expense exposure – Issuing a MyChoice prepaid card will ensure that expenses can’t be any more than the funds allocated to the debit card, putting businesses in charge of costs. Reporting is easy, quick and in real-time.



The MyChoice prepaid card is a simple way to provide secure access to cash at ATMs and merchants worldwide via the Visa card network. Available in three currencies – USD, GBP, EUR. MyChoice cardholders will be welcome everywhere.


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Use MyChoice as a prepaid payment card to pay employees, contractors and agents, and avoid the effort, time and trouble of running credit checks or requiring payees to have a bank account.



MyChoice is the perfect payment vehicle for promotions and incentives. It can be as a gift card, a travel voucher or even linked to an affiliate program. You control the amount and nature of the incentive.

Global Transfers

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Transfer funds to any card anywhere in the world securely within minutes. The end-to-end process is seamless and extremely cost effective compared to conventional banking processes, reducing operating expenses.

P2P Lending


Using MyChoice Prepaid cards pay borrowers and lenders instantly. Cardholders can spend money at any POS or withdraw cash at ATMs. Easily move money between borrowers and lenders.

Insurance Payouts


MyChoice Professional is a specific variant of MyChoice Corporate for Insurance Payouts. It is an innovative commission’s payment solution for insurance companies, brokers and fund managers. It provides a superior alternative to costly and cumbersome bank transfers. With MyChoice Professional, businesses can make instant and no-fee commission payments to agents around the globe. To learn more, visit



If you have offshore companies and want to use those companies for making payouts to individuals you can make use of the MyChoiceCorporate solution. Each business gets a business account with their own web based account management tool. Funds can be transferred from business accounts to card account easily and instantly.

Digital Currency


MyChoice Prepaid’s multiple currency card can be used in two ways with digital currencies.First model is when digital currencies are converted to fiat currencies and added on the cards.In second model we allow customers to benefit from the monetary value of their digital currency and loyalty points, while still holding them in their original form. At the time of payment, only an equivalent amount of the digital value is converted to fiat currency for that specific transaction.