KYB - Due Diligence

List of Business/Corporate Documents Required (KYB) in order to approve you for FULL use of our secure payments platform

For Administrator:

  1. Copy of your passport, driver’s license or other Government issued photographic identity document that is in date/valid
  2. Recent (within last three months) utility bill such as electricity, gas, telephone or Government bill or receipt such as Tax, utilities etc. that reflects the address and evidence of your residency and country.

For Company: (Please appreciate that our MyChoice Programs are aimed at business owners and NOT private individuals)

  1. Memorandum & Articles of Association(all pages)
  2. Certificate of Incorporation
  3. Register of Shareholders
  4. Register of Directors
  5. Identification for all Directors (as for Administrator)
  6. Identification for all Shareholders owning over 25% (as for Administrator)
  7. Recent Utility Bill, Rental Agreement or similar to evidence your Business operating address
  8. Business Bank Statement showing all transactions and at least last 4 digits of account number, sort code/BIC and IBAN.  This must be  the account that will be remitting funds to WaveCrest
  9. If your Company is involved in providing and e-wallet or making payments on behalf of customers, we also need to see relevant licence details and your AML/CTF Policy
  10. Latest Audited accounts if relevant, other wise up to date Management Accounts (Financial projections if business is not yet trading)

Simply log in to the platform with your existing credentials and upload the documents directly. We will then examine the documents and if all in order, approve you for full functionality.

Only Name, Address and Date of Birth are required in order to create entry-level cards