Corporate Expense Card


  • Limit your risk - no employee abuse of credit limit on credit card

  • Access to reporting platform where individual spend can be tracked

  • Control your costs - restrict spend to chosen MCC (Merchant Category Code)

  • Pull back funds if not spent

  • Loading funds onto cards is free & real time

  • No KYC needed - Automatic top up of employees’ card

Digital Currency

Business Benefits

  • Mitigate the risk of overspending

  • Full Admin Control

  • Instant Infra System Transfers

  • Cost Efficiencies

  • Global Reach

  • Licensed and Regulated

Card Usage Controls

  • Religion and Politics

  • Business Services

  • Educational Services

  • Entertainment

  • Government Services

  • Healthcare

  • High Risk Services

  • Hotels

  • Cash Access Services (ATM)

  • Travel and Transportation

  • Eating Places and Restaurants

  • Fuel

Cardholder Benefits

  • Personal controls allowed

  • Visa/Mastercard debit card issued

  • Funds available on card immediately

  • ATM/cash access

  • Available in GBP, EUR and USD

  • No waiting for reimbursements


Cardholder Personal Controls

  • Lock/Unlock the card

  • Online purchases

  • Foreign currency transactions

  • Set the transactions limit

  • Control card usage time - allow transactions on the card only at certain times of the day

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